Would you buy a home without having it Inspected?

The correct answer is    NO
If you purchase land without having it inspected you are taking a chance. Purchasing land can sometimes bring along a host of issues that you might not be aware of. The seller may not want you to know negative issues as it might make you not want the land.
Protect Yourself
Here is a basic checklist of what you should know before you purchase a piece of land
Property Boundaries
Unless you have had the boundaries of your property inspected, you may not know what it is that you are buying or have bought. We can assist you in identifying your property boundaries.

(Note: This is not intended to take the place of a licensed survey. This service is intended to be utilized only as part of the valuation of the subject for the purpose of an appraisal consulting assignment only. Markers should not be relied upon for for development purpose)
Legal Access
Are you sure that you can legally get to your property? Is your access blocked by an unfriendly neighbor? Is it located adjacent to a highway with no right of access or a fence?
Physical Access
Can you get a vehicle to the land? How is the road? Is you property a camp site for OHV riding? Is it a popular shooting location? Can you limit access to the land?
Are you going to buy a hill or a wash? Can you build on the land.
Earthquake Fault Zone
If your property lies on or adjacent to a known fault line, You will have to do extensive testing to determine the exact location of the fault. Additionally, you will not be allowed to build within 1,000′ of the fault zone in most circumstances.  
Are you buying a piece of property that will require significant mitigation for endangered species? Are you adjacent to a dump or a habit preserve? The answer to that question will impact what you can do with your land.
Flood Zone
Is your property located in a Flood Zone?
What can you do with the land. Most listing found on the Mls for land have the zoning mis-identified. This can dramatically change the value and utility of the land.
  Got Land that you cant find?
You are not alone, Every year we help lots of people find their land and more importantly find out what they can do with it.
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